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Why choose us as your Financial Advisor?
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Your needs and goals are unique to you. Your financial plan should be too. With in-depth knowledge and expertise, we help you achieve your goals and safeguard your future.

At 4Sight Financial, we navigate the complexities of your financial landscape with you, providing tailored solutions to remove uncertainty, optimize investments, and lay the foundation for long-term financial security.

Our Approach

Our mission is to be your trusted partner, providing objective financial guidance that evolves with your changing needs.

Through a comprehensive assessment, we uncover the intricacies of your financial landscape. Our personalized approach allows us to apply strategies that align with your unique needs, whether you’re saving for your first home or preparing for retirement.


Empowering your financial journey with expertise tailored to your goals and needs, crafting a strategic roadmap to address immediate concerns and establish a secure and prosperous future.


Crafting a secure financial future tailored to your aspirations through meticulous retirement, tax, and estate planning. Ensuring peace of mind for your retirement years with dedicated expertise.


Safeguarding your future with a comprehensive suite of insurance products, including disability, life, critical illness coverage, group benefits plans, and annuities.

Investing for your future can be complex

Let us be your personal guide to managing your finances

I’m Jay Scholes, Certified Financial Planner and the founder of 4Sight Financial. With more than 25 years experience delivering financial advice, I remove the stress of personal finance through demystifying the financial planning process, empowering my clients to seize control of their financial future.

Jay Scholes, Certified Financial Advisor

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How We Help

Explore the ways we can help secure your financial future
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Personalized Plan

We create a personal financial plan tailored to your goals, starting with a thorough review of your current financial situation, including budgets, income, assets, liabilities, goals and risk tolerance.

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Continuous Support

We meet on an ongoing basis to assess your current and future financial goals, whether you're buying a house, amassing a retirement nest egg, or saving for a rainy day.

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Ongoing Guidance

Change is a certainty. Whether it's your financial outlook, the economy, or other circumstances, we work with you to navigate each uncertainty and unexpected outcome. We work as your financial guide for each phase of your journey.

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Financial Strategies for Long-Term Success

Unlocking your financial potential with a personalized approach

Investing for your future is difficult and complex. Without the proper knowledge or resources, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

We work with you to remove stress and worry about your financial situation. Together, we build a personalized financial plan designed to help you reach your goals, optimize investments, and accumulate wealth.

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