“Jay speaks in a language I can understand and breaks things down so they are easier to understand. I also think Jay does a good job of understanding our financial picture and helping us build a plan that works toward a more secure retirement.”
~ Scott and Patricia Charlton

“What I like about having James Scholes as my Financial Advisor is that as a senior citizen, I can totally rely on his expertise and integrity to handle my investments in the best way possible for me. I believe he has a very ethical approach to business and it is that characteristic which reassures me in choosing him as my Financial Advisor.”
~ Susan Alexander

” I just want to say thank you for helping me manage my finances.  Without Jay’s guidance I know I would not be in the financial position I am today.  I was worried when I retired that my reduced income was not going to cover the expenses. It has been a year and with my pension, CPP plus supplement I am actually saving a bit each month. My additional work income is transferred to 100% savings. This has completely reduced my anxiety.”
A big thank you to you for the great service that you provide.
~ Jean Campbell

“Jay is always available to meet with me for advice about anything from mortgages and real estate retirement planning. Thanks Jay!”
~ Martin Kent

“My husband and I were Jay’s first clients when he began his career as a financial advisor. We felt confident then and we still do now. Though we are not big money investors, Jay treats us with the same respect as if we were. I was more than happy to follow Jay to his new practice, 4Sight Financial, and I know he will do his very
best to invest our hard earned dollars to maximize our returns”.
~ Karen and Steve Salmon

“With James Scholes as my Financial Advisor, I am assured that my values and investment goals are understood, appreciated, and put into action.”
~ Catherine Luke

“Jay is available for the easy questions and the more complex questions. Honesty and clear advice are readily seen as Jay’s assets when I talk finances with him.”
~ Sharon Williams

“I have had financial dealings with Jay for the past 18 years. He has always kept us up to date with my investments and if changes/movement is needed.”
~ Pat Fagan

“Jay helps us feel informed and in control of our personal finances.  He is genuine, personable and knowledgeable, but most importantly, he’s great at communicating with us on a level that matches our needs. Jay has been our advisor for the last 15yrs. He has an unbiased access to investments and has helped us select the most appropriate investments for our situation and goals. He has guided us with a sensible plan of maximizing tax-shelters like RSP’s, TFSA’s, etc while encouraging a balanced portfolio. Jay also provides good planning tools for transitioning to retirement. This helps us to know when / if we are ready to retire, how to plan strategies to minimize taxes, and best utilize various income streams available to us throughout retirement.

Jay is a down-to-earth guy that knows the personal finance industry.  I’d recommend him to anyone seeking a trustworthy and knowledgeable advisor.”
~ Mike and Melanie Kosten